Photos are artifacts of humanity/history…it is hard to determine why it is important to the world given this age of such fast moving technology... It might not matter to the world. Many don’t even print out their photos… How I would like it matter to the world is simple. Showing people who wouldn’t otherwise see themselves in such a light and being able open up another world to them, in my opinion, is what matters.

About Margaux

There's an honesty and curiosity to how I try to view the world, and most importantly, the people in it. I catalogue the setting, atmosphere, and ambience of the nature surrounding a moment, as well as identifying the emotion of the scene to capture everything that the moment was...

In my work I don't want to let you forget a thing. I hope that when you see my pictures, you can all relate to that indescribable moment, and feel closer to each other somehow, because those feelings are common to us all without barriers.

I've traveled many miles and met many people and I'm always ready to spontaneously hop in the car and take off on a road trip. I love seeing new trends develop, any excuse to dress up, and eating food and drinking wine with friends.

At times the images are overexposed; other times they are full of depth…the goal is to eliminate minute flaws and bring out color and context. So I feel people connect with the whole image rather than the detail; I feel because of this it draws in people to my subject on a personal level…there is a connection between my camera and what’s happening.

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